ResVoyage Corporate OBT

Travel management made easy

Simple, easy and cost effective

ResVoyage Corporate is an Online Booking Tool for small and mid-sized travel agencies and TMCs who are looking for a simple to set, easy to use and cost effective solution to their travel management needs. Thomalex Corporate helps you reduce travel management cost.

ResVoyage Leisure

Flexible booking engine technology.

Book travel anywhere, anytime.

ResVoyage is a powerful booking engine for travel companies and agencies seeking a seamless, flexible and cost effective booking engine. ResVoyage Leisure is fast and easy to implement within your website, while delivering industry leading technology backed by world-class support.

Trip-Warrior App

Travel Assistant App for Business and Leisure Travelers.

Improve traveler satisfaction and loyalty while growing your business.

With the increasing use of mobile technology, Trip-Warrior is a comprehensive travel assistant and booking app. Our innovative app allows travel companies and agencies to provide client support features and to engage with their traveler throughout the entire travel cycle.

Auto Ticketing

Allows agencies to be more productive by eliminating human errors

Automation of laborious and repetitive tasks

Auto Ticketing is a robotic application that automatically issues tickets based on pre-defined business logic and without human intervention. Its main purpose is to automate tasks that are often performed manually by travel agents.


Powerful yet simple web services solution for developers of travel sites

developers will implement applications faster

TripXML API is a powerful yet simple web services solution for developers of travel sites and travel applications. With TripXML customers can easily integrate with Amadeus using any programming language on any platform.

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